Top 10 Best Olympic Weight Benches in 2017 Reviews

Our technological lifestyle has continued to create much of convenience and comfort in our daily life. On the other hand, it has also had a negative impact on our fitness regime. While it’s getting difficult to head out to a fitness center or for a gym, the only resolution which serves the purpose is having a workout session at home with versatile equipment available right at your doorstep.

Fitness gears for beginners like the Olympic weight bench give people an outstanding experience in their home workout regime. The best Olympic weight benches are capable of generating outstanding results, help in pushups, crunches, and also work on different body parts so as to provide you with a complete workout process. Weight benches also facilitate metabolism, encourage weight loss and help in bone strengthening. In order for one to settle for the right Olympic weight bench, you can rely on this review as it has information that will help you in selecting the best weight bench for your fitness program.

Below are the list of top 10 best Olympic weight benches in 2017 reviews:

10. Competitor Olympic Bench

Competitor Olympic Bench

If you’re looking for equipment that will enable you to exercise right at the comfort of your home, you should then the Competitor Olympic Bench. This is one of the best weight benches that you can get in the market today. The weight bench is designed to offer immense comfort and this is exactly what most buyers want in their investment. Furthermore, its capacity in regard to weight is much more when compared to its contemporaries and it goes up to 600 pounds.

Besides the comfort, the weight bench also offers immense durability, a sleek finish, and an outstanding appeal. The weight bench helps the users to enjoy their workouts sessions better and also incorporate different routines.

9. Ader OB-86E

Ader OB-86E

If heavy-duty construction and simplicity are the main features that you are looking for, then this Olympic bench has everything that you need. From its white/black scratch-proof coating and the 12-gauge steel construction, the bench is strongly built. It comes with the chrome plated Olympic weight bench and features the 1200 lb. maximum weight limit. Since it does not feature an adjustable bench, it’s best suited to max out your reps for the bench press.

8. Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Weight Benches

 Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Weight Benches

This is yet another excellent all-in-one weight bench that will help you to achieve the best muscle building using just one weight lifting equipment. This is a fully adjustable bench that accommodates a wide range of workouts. The weight bench is also very compact and it measures 41 x 45 x 68 inches.

7. Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

This weight bench is among the latest offerings from Phoenix. It is versatile and an easy to use weight bench. It also helps you to incorporate different exercises, accessories, and weights.

With the aid of this product, you will no longer have to depend on gym visits. In case you can set this equipment in your home then you can be assured to have all the gym comforts within your house. Each piece of attachment in the product has been made of high-quality materials. This, in turn, enhances the overall durability of this product.

6. Gold Gym’s XR 10.1 Weight Bench

Gold Gym’s XR 10.1 Weight Bench

This is the ideal evolutionary Olympic weight bench for individuals who want to get stronger, bigger muscles. The product has easy-to-adjust crutches and 6-roll leg developer so as to accommodate you regardless of your fitness level. It has an adjustable bench and Olympic-width that can be used for the decline, incline or flat presses. It also features a separately adjustable seat for guaranteed comfort.

5. Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Weight Bench

Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Weight Bench


This is an excellent Olympic weight bench that’s great starter set. The weight bench features a leg lift extension that’s fitted with great foam rollers. Furthermore, it’ capable of accommodating any bar up to 6 feet long. It is also adjustable to a total of 3 press positions. Furthermore, it comes with an attractive price tag as compared to other models in its class.

4. Valor Fitness BF-7-Best Olympic Weight Benches

Valor Fitness BF-7-Best Olympic Weight Benches

With a rugged construction and simple design, this Olympic weight bench has just one main purpose; to help you in maxing out the bench presses. The product is made from 12 gauge steel and it features a contoured, high-density, dual-layer pad. These features give it a stable and a fairly soft cushion which makes it more suited for heavier lifts. The bench measures 47 inches in length and it features an inbuilt spotter with 2 weight rack positions

3. Bowflex Select-Tech Series 5.1 Weight Bench

Bowflex Select-Tech Series 5.1 Weight Bench

Bowflex is a very popular name in this industry. The Select-Tech 5.1 model does a great job. It features a six-position easy to adjust bench that’s adjustable from 17-degrees decline to 90-degrees incline. This will provide total workout versatility so as to stabilize your positioning and also correct the posture perfectly. Additionally, this Olympic weight bench is backed by an incredible 30-year warranty.

2. Marcy MD879 Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy MD879 Olympic Weight Bench

This weighs bench is the ultimate deal in case you want a gym in your house. The Marcy MD 879 model is a two-piece set with adjustable barbell crutches, total leg developer, multifunctional utility bench and the removable biceps curl bar. The two pieces are independent and are adjustable so as to utilize barbell crutches just like the squat rack.

1. Adidas ADI-700 Powder-Coated Weight Bench

Adidas ADI-700 Powder-Coated Weight Bench

This is a great Olympic weight bench that’s built to last for a long time. In a fixed one-piece design, the ADI-700 weight bench model from Adidas is well-constructed with big diameter tubing of steel that features powder coating finishes. It is very adjustable and over-sized making it one of the best Olympic weight loss benches that you can get today.

Olympic weight benches are all about convenience and comfort as long as you pick the right model and then use it in accordance with all your fitness requirements. A lot of people have found this versatile tool to be very effective fitness equipment that you can have at home. As a result, relying on the best Olympic Weight Bench can provide you with the gym-like experience right at the comfort of your house. If you’re unsure of which weight bench model will suit you the most, then you can simply choose from any of the above-mentioned products. All these weight benches have been proven to offer the best results thus you won’t go wrong with any of them.

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