Top 10 Best Backpack Coolers in 2017

For those of you who love to go with your family and friends must have a backpack cooler. It is your travel partner that helps you to carry water, snacks, and food. And you know what? The Backpack coolers best suit for days when it is scorching outside as it can keep your juices and fruits fresh and cool. Whether you plan for trekking, visiting temples, or just a car drive, have a backpack cooler with you to quench your thirst and hunger.

Backpack coolers make the best partner to your entire family. When you have kids, then these backpacks save you from all the hassles of running around in search of food for them.

Ok, now you want to know the ideal backpack to accompany your travel. Enormous backpacks are available in the market. Every product claims to be the best. Just follow this post to find the best ten backpack coolers. Quickly pick one that suits you and pack up for the trip.

Top 10 Best Backpack Coolers Reviews

10. Arctic Zone Ultra 24 Can Ten Storage Ares Backpack Cooler, Black/Blue


The Arctic Zone Ultra backpack cooler has ten storage and four insulated compartments. It comes in blue and black color combination. Ideal fit for women and girls who can carry this backpack with ease. The bag size measures 12 x 7.5 x 20 inches size.


  •  Padded straps are adjustable.
  •  Two mesh pockets and four chief sections help to carry extra things
  •  Super foam best performing insulation.
  •  Clip closure and elastic gear straps.


  •  If not handled with care the front strap will break
  •  It can retain ice only for 6 hours in the hot sun.

9. Igloo’s MaxCold Coolers


When you look for a firm, durable, and crush resistant backpack cooler, then you must go for Igloo’s MaxCold Coolers. The EVA molded zipper partition at the top makes it the best bag to carry snacks and food. The 25 percent extra foam allows food to remain cool for a longer duration.


  •  The liner is anti-microbial.
  •  Leak resistant.
  •  Straps are made with air padded mesh and help in comfortable carrying.
  •  Enough storage space.


  •  The straps do not support more weight and break quickly

8. ONIVA’s Insulated Backpack Cooler suitable for Picnic Time – ‘Zuma’


The Oniva’s insulated backpack ideally suits for a picnic. Comes in black and blue color. Made up of durable polyester. Can store a maximum of thirteen cans in the lower partition.


  •  Polyester fabric – Lightweight.
  •  Water resistant lining.
  •  Air mesh strands.
  •  Separate phone pockets.
  •  Leak-proof.


  •  Zippers not so good.
  •  Not very sturdy.

7. Igloo’s Real Tree Softside Hunting Backpack Cooler


Best suitable for a hunting trip. Its color and design support a hunting environment. Interior is fully insulated. Use the pockets available in the exterior to carry hunting accessories.


  •  Completely insulated and retain coolness for a long time.
  •  Padded straps are adjustable and comfortable.
  •  Can hold up to 18 Cans.
  •  The rubber grommet and the pocket on the top are used to hold a music player.
  •  Can keep your phone in the hidden mesh pocket.


  •  Strap and zipper are not durable.

6. Igloo’s Marine Ultra Square Backpack Coolers


The perfect backpack cooler both stylish and rough. It is designed in such a way with 25% more foam in insulation. It can keep drinks cold for a long time. It has an anti-microbial lining and hence prevents stain and odor away.


  •  Anti-mildew and easy to clean.
  •  UV resistant.
  •  Leak resistant
  •  Non-corrosive
  •  Has an unbelievable 0.35mm thick PEVA


  •  Finishing is not properly done

5. OAGear’s Backpack Cooler – Black


Can hold up to 20 can and ice using OAGear’s stylish backpack black. Has a heat locked anti-leak liner? Keeps food cool for a long time.


  •  Leakage-resistant.
  •  Two mesh side pockets allow you to carry books and other materials.
  •  Lightweight yet sturdy.
  •  Can be packed easily.
  •  More storage space with compartments to access quickly.
  •  Front zip can hold phone, camera, and keys.
  •  Retains cool for a longer duration.


  •  Zippers get broken easily.
  •  Inside lining quality is not good.

4. MOJECTO’s Cooler Backpack – Extra Large Family Size.


The Mojecto’s adjustable strap backpack can be carried by anyone effortlessly. Can hold up to 20 cans. Has side pockets and a front pocket to carry many accessories along for a peaceful and adventurous trip.


  •  Heavy Duty and Sturdy.
  •  The fabric is sturdy and Tear Resistant Fabric.
  •  High Density with thick Foam Insulation.
  •  Heat locked detachable Thick Peva Liner.
  •  Padded Pockets are large.
  •  Zippers are Strong.


  •  Strap plastic and inner zip sometimes break.

3. TOURIT’s Cooler Backpack


Ideal for a huge gathering or a picnic. Lightweight and sturdy backpack. Can hold a larger capacity of drinks and food items.


  •  Water-resistant.
  •  Lightweight.
  •  25 L capacity.
  •  Can carry up to 28 Cans.
  •  Retain cooling up to sixteen hours.
  •  Eco-friendly thick layered insulation.


  •  Zip issues arise.

2. OAGear’s Ultimate Backpack Cooler – Gray


Made using a heavy duty polyester material. Has two wholly padded zippered pockets allowing carrying any drink. The backpack can keep napkins separately in the top pocket. Preferred by many people for all their travel reasons. For those who got bored with usual black color can use this gray color backpack cooler.


  •  Perfect insulation.
  •  Complete padding.
  •  Zippers are made of heavy duty metals and are sturdy.
  •  Deep side pockets.
  •  Front Velcro pocket holds the phones.
  •  Cooling is retaining for the entire day.


  •  Failing to arrange things will lead to a water leak.

1. Coleman’s C003 Soft Backpack Cooler

Coleman Backpack Coolers

When you want to travel long, and for many days Coleman’s COO3 backpack cooler become your ideal partner. The soft backpack keeps the bag lightweight and can store up to 28 cans. Ample storage space and easy to carry.


  •  Front pocket has large zips used for storing dry food.
  •  Straps are padded and soft making it comfortable to carry.
  •  Waist straps can be adjusted.
  •  Shoulder adjustable straps.
  •  Comes in 2 colors. Dark blue and yellow. Light gray and blue.
  •  Durable and excellent quality fabric.


  •  Not any that specifically needs attention. But make sure to pack properly to avoid leaking.

And, now you know the details often backpack coolers. You know your travel needs too; just decide on a backpack cooler that best suits your need and have a great trip.

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